Agile KY...

Agile KY was founded in July 2019 by Scott Siemen. Scott has been an aerospace enthusiast for several decades, starting with flying Microsoft Flight Sim '95. Scott got to share his passion with students when an Aerospace class was formed.

While teaching aerospace, he emphasizes safety, detail orientation, planning, and continual improvement to ensure safe operations around large and small groups. Scott brings that those skills to Agile KY to make sure that your needs are met.

Agile KY flies a Mavic 2 Zoom due to the reliability, ease of operation, and physical zoom on the camera. While every operator wants the reliability, the zoom is the function for you!The Mavic 2 Zoom can be twice as far away and shoot the same quality images to not impact your event.

Agile KY is conveniently located with easy interstate access in Shelbyville, Kentucky to promote ease of travel to meet your needs. I look forward to meeting and delivering the best service and products tailored for you!